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Entry doors are the gateways to your house so they need to make an impression. Sliding doors work well with small balconies or for bedrooms that that come with a veranda or terrace while swinging doors are great for a galley-style kitchen. French doors, on the other hand are ideal doors to use for your bedrooms. You can choose from fiberglass-composite doors, wood doors, aluminum doors or steel doors, depending upon your budget, preferences and space requirements. Our professionals at Sherman Oaks Window Replacement Experts will see to that we conduct a thorough inspection of your house and only then offer you advice on the best type of door for you.

Wood Doors
Wood doors are all about the aesthetics. They are great to amp up the style of your house and there are a wide variety of types to choose from. A wooden door looks majestic, attractive and has a nice heft to it. However, you need to take proper care of it as they are very expensive and if these doors come in contact with sunlight, it can cause fading. Wooden doors also come with shorter warranties.

Aluminum Doors
One of the major advantages of aluminum doors is that they are not susceptible to rust. These doors cover hardware, insulated glass and surfaces while they also possess a long warranty period. However, if you are more of a creative person, you may not find these doors to be aesthetically pleasing. Also, aluminum doors do not consist of any insulating properties.

Fiberglass-composite Doors
When it comes to the cost, fiberglass-composite doors are similar to steel doors. They do not rust or dent easily. If you want to add a customized look, you can think about adding glass panels into them. However you want to personalize them, it may add to the budget. Also if they are hit by a hard object, these doors may even crack.

Steel Doors
Steel doors are low on maintenance as they are strong in nature. These doors are also available in many styles while a good paint job on these doors can also be carried out effortlessly. Cold and heat can pass through these doors very easily and they are also more prone to dents and rusting.